May 1st, 2011


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The fact is that Qaddafi and members of his family are "military targets" for NATO murderers. Other people are just dirt under their boots. Still, I think that offsprings of that fucking royal couple whose stinking bloody marriage people of the world were supposed to admire not long ago, will be killed likewise in their time. There should be justice in the world. But there isn't. French bastard and his bitch won't have children at all.

З.Ы. Впрочем, у Сракози уже есть три сына - как раз по числу убитых внуков Каддафи. Я думаю, Муаммар в своём праве... Какой тут, к чёрту, гуманизм... Уже ясно видно, кто на этой планете - настоящие бешеные псы, к тому же очень брехливые.